26 March 2013

[SNS] 24.03.2013 Terjemahan Akun Jejaring Sosial Lee Minho

Lee Min Ho
June 22, 1987
South Korean actor, singer and model



인도네시아 이벤트 재미있게 마치고 갑니다^^ Good night ^^
Acara Indonesia menyenangkan dan berjalan lancar ^^ Selamat malam ^^


Sumber: Akun Twitter dan Me2Day Resmi Lee Minho
Terjemahan: minozindonesia.com

2 comments on "[SNS] 24.03.2013 Terjemahan Akun Jejaring Sosial Lee Minho"
  1. Anonymous19:28

    i like u,,so much

  2. Anonymous19:35

    saranghaeyo oppa


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